Watching the Fluff of the World Floating By… June 2021

It’s been almost 6 months since I last did any writing in this space. I’m not sure why I’ve been so quiet. I expect it is the weight of the last year… and the weight of the future to come… that has caught up to me, making it harder to be creative. The post title came to me as I was sitting at my desk, looking distractedly out and seeing all these little white pieces of fluff drifting by the window. Dandelion seeds? Cottonwood? Bird feathers? I don’t know but the feeling felt familiar. Sitting inside, distracted, fuzzy-brained just watching the results of unknowable, and uncontrollable, happenings.

Helllooooooooooooo! LOL. That’s where I’m at. And I mean that in the present tense. I’m still not flooded with inspiration or motivation but I am feeling the need to try to be creative again. Fake it until you make it? How are you? I hope you are thriving like a spring garden!

Catch Up

While activity here at virtual Keeper’s Croft has been non-existent, I have managed to plow through my 2021 goals list. A quick refresher:

In the first 5 months of the year I’ve:

  • Planted 6 fruit trees
  • Fenced in the main garden
  • Added a few lights and second shelving unit to my seed starting set up
  • Established beds and planted in about 30% of the main garden space
  • Experimented – somewhat lamely and unsuccessfully – with starting native plants but I did it and did learn some things.
  • I’ve been working on tackling the burdock, with mixed results and have added some native starts.
  • Worked on limbs and in fact cut a lot of the bigger branches to serves as sides to some of my garden beds.
  • Potted half and planted out half of the 20+ paw paw seeds I had but don’t have any documented germination yet:(.

Most of the major expenses I identified for the year have been spent much to the chagrin of my bank account. Everything is planted in the garden except for the cucumbers and a few more lima beans. And the thing that nearly broke m; I also put in an asparagus bed. The herb garden is the only place that’s been relatively ignored. So, not bad for someone who hasn’t been operating at their best!

Early Harvest

June Forecast

My pottering and puttering goals for June 2021 on the Croft are:

  1. Weed, refresh and edge the herb garden.
  2. No spend. Every month this year has had some major expense. I need to recover. Fingers crossed nothing unexpected arises!
  3. Plant cucumbers and cut limbs and create a trellis for the climbing beans.
  4. Make some Beeswrap and get back to my crochet practice. HOMECRAFTS. MUST DO HOMECRAFTS.

And I think that’s it. I’m going easy on myself and it feels good to be heading into the maintenance part of the year. *Deep cleansing breath*

Early Spring Herb Garden

What are you hoping to do this June? Hopefully it is as little or as much as you wish and that you can take some time to watch the fluff drift by as well.

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